The Friday Five: Winter Warmth Edition

I don't know about you, but right now, I feel like I'm stuck in the Arctic. It's SO cold! In these conditions, it can be difficult to fabulously dress, while staying in a wintery mess. Here, you'll find the top trends to stay warm and glamourous. 

Street style featuring a trendy pink scarf (Pinterest).

Street style featuring a trendy pink scarf (Pinterest).

1. Scarfs Make the Difference

The best way to feel warm? Wrap a scarf around your neck! And I don't just mean the gimpy fabricated scarfs, I'm talking hardcore knits. They're adorably fashionable, and can keep any neck warm. My closet houses a maroon knit, and gray knit scarf. I wear them everywhere, from school to around the house to sewing lessons. They're effortless, and can be the bow, cherry, or whatever finishing touch you prefer, to your outfit of the day.

2. Go Oversized

When staying warm, you need to layer up. Prime way? To simply go oversized. Layer up with some long sleeves and throw an oversized crew neck overtop. It's extremely cozy, and can be killer, while sporting waves in your hair. For bottoms, you could wear cute jeans, or a modest pair of leggings. (I usually don't wear leggings, we need to keep it classy ladies! If you do, I'd suggest a crew that covers.) 

3. SOS! Feet in need of warmth!

Shoes are most definitely one of the challenges of winter... Most shoes don't cover enough of the foot, and it gets to the point where UGGS just aren't an option, right? Ditch the thought of warmer shoes, try warmer socks! I ski and snowboard all the time, so I have to keep my feet toasty in a pair of wool socks. (They're basically the crème de la crème of warm socks. It's like taking fuzzy socks to a whole new level!) Then I thought, "why not wear them all the time?" Pair them with your mid-calf boots, or hightop Converse. You can get them at almost any outerwear store, and they're worth the price, I promise. Next time your feet need a break from the frigid climate, slip them into a pair of wools. 

4. Pin It Up 

Low bun style (Pinterest). 

Low bun style (Pinterest). 

Here's the sitch... You're wearing all the layers you can get, and your hair doesn't know what to do with itself! You can't wear it down with a scarf, but you want your ears to stay warm! Plus, who wants to get up early and apply the heat? Try a low bun. This style takes seconds, and can easily complete your look. Simply twist and tie your hair into a bun. To keep those ears snug and sheltered, let some layers hang out of the bun. Finally, pin up the loose ends and presto! No sweat style, and zero "hair-up" headaches. 

5. Favorite Jacket

My favorite jacket is my pink puffer jacket Patagonia. It's light, yet warm. During the cold times, you need a go-to jacket, that can go with everything. I'd suggest a Patagonia or North Face. They're warm and stylish, perfect for this time of year. 

I hope these tips help you stay comfortable and cozy for the rest of the season.

Xoxo, Hollis. 

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