The Friday Five

1. Oscar nominees

The Oscars are approaching! (February 22nd, to be exact) Pull out your popcorn, because you must watch the nominees before the big night! There is a full list of the nominees on I saw Selma the other day, and it took my breath away. What an amazing film. I really love movies like Selma, because they can send us back in time for a few hours, and bring history to life. It's one thing to read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a textbook, and it's another to watch him in action. Anyways, grab some friends and food and go watch some nominees! 

2. Cut your hair!!! (Shorter, at least)

If you've been contemplating chopping a few inches of hair off your hair, consider this your sign to do it! If you haven't been, then still, try it. Recently, I got my hair cut slightly below my collarbone- and I love it. (I got some layers throughout, as well.) The other day, one of my good friends cut her hair, too! It made her look sophisticated in the best of ways. This is the perfect time of year as well, late winter into spring, just in time to grow it out for summer. You can't go wrong!

P.S. Below I've attached some inspiration pics! If you're going to jump on the medium-length hair bandwagon, show these to your stylist and go for it!

The first and last pictures came from Pinterest, (if you search "medium length hair" so many styles will come up!) and the middle two pictures are of my friend, McKenna, and her new hairdo. (She got 10 inches off!)


3. Dark Chocolate chunk kind bars

Dark. Chocolate. Chunk... Sounds good already, right? Just wait until you taste them! (unless you have a peanut or soy allergy) These are possibly the best granola bars, or squares, I've ever had. Go to to find out more about the delicious snacks, which are also SUPER healthy. I love to grab one on my way to school, or save it for after. Whatever the case, they will fill you and keep your taste buds happy. :-)

4. Misterwives album

My words cannot do this album justice.. You just have to listen to it. It'll be worth it, I promise. 


You can get it on iTunes or Beats Music. Start listening!



5. Pure cosmetics lip balm

I have sensitive lips, that react to just about anything, except for pure lanolin. It's the best thing I've ever used. Ever. I get it from Pure Cosmetics. They have basic chap stick, and so many lip stains, sticks, and balms. They come in flattering colors, as well. Their website is Check it out! Even if you don't have overly sensitive lips, I highly suggest this brand. Frame your smile with soft, colorful lips. :)