Denmark Spring 2018

Over Easter break, I left the rainy Portugal streets to embark on a little northern-Europe getaway! Though the rain was replaced with snow, which I actually enjoyed, really felt like I was in Pennsylvania again, I had the best time discovering Denmark with my newly-proclaimed Danish best friend, Hannah. Like me, she is studying abroad, except in Denmark (some people reading this already know Hannah and can probably guess how insanely awesome of a time we had together!). We went winter bathing, a tradition in Denmark, in which you jump in the freezing cold ocean water then run into a sauna. After a few rounds of this, you sweat out all the water in your body and feel lighter than light itself. In the sauna, there are essential oils floating through the air, and with a big breath of air, our bodies were soothed with this minty aroma... We also went horseback riding through the forests, had some of the best oatmeal and açai bowls imaginable, saw Pablo Picasso's iconic pottery pieces, experienced Danish "hygge" and more... Definitely a trip I will never forget. The best part? Experiencing it with Hannah! And even better, she is coming to Portugal in less than two weeks! I don't know how I'll ever top this trip, but luckily Portugal has a special flare that I'm pumped to share her. Wish me luck!

I can't put everything into words, so hoping this video does the trick... Thanks for reading and (hopefully) watching!