Trend Alert: Spring is Here

Waking with the sun, and hearing birds chirping... Spring is my blue blood of seasons. School is at it's last stretch, summer at the finish line, and the warm, upbeat energy is refreshing. But, furthermore, the most invigorating concept of spring for me is the fashion. Spring fashion sets the path for the looks you'll see evolve throughout the year, and it all starts with what's below.

1. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

My friend Lainey and I in stripes, and notice her boyfriend jeans! Love it.

My friend Lainey and I in stripes, and notice her boyfriend jeans! Love it.

Last fall it was regular boyfriend jeans. Time to add some tears. This spring, the loose look of boyfriend jeans, and edgy fringe of rips will be all the talk. Pair your jeans with a graphic tee for the complete look. 

Avery in her stripes!

Avery in her stripes!

2. Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

The pattern of spring, you guessed it! Stripes. (My favorite? Black and white.) All around my school I've seen stripes being worn more and more. Dresses, shirts, even skirts. Stripes are the place, or pattern, to be.

3. Wraps (Not the deli kind!)

This spring, a new style of bottoms will be blinded with the spotlight- wrapped bottoms. To describe them, wrapped bottoms are either shorts, a skirt, or even a skort, with the fabric overlapping in the front, to create a layered look. Trust me- you'll know them when you see them! ;-)

4. Watercolors

Along with the striped pattern, watercolor patterns are also in. Florals, prints, photographs, and watercolors are all the buzz. In need of this trend? Check out the Think Spring Tee.

5. Street Sneakers

The shoe this season is most definitely the street sneaker. (Also known as the casual or fashion sneaker.) New Balance is a great place to find a stylish and modern pair of street sneakers. The styles are comfortable, and colors are in.

6. Pretty Pleats

This spring, you'll see pleats popping up everywhere- from shirts to skirts. Dior recently released their Spring/Summer 2015 line, featuring the most elegant of pleats. The color and style of these designs are, in my opinion, magnificent. Below are some pictures from the Dior 2015 Spring/ Summer line. 

7. The "Half Hair Bun"

Next time you reach back to pin your hair, switch it up, and pull the front sections back into a stylish bun. My friend Åsne, who is a foreign exchange student from Norway, was sporting her hair in the "half hair bun" one day, (before it even had a name) and from there I've seen it everywhere. "A lot of girls in Norway wear their hair like this, all the time," she told me. Let's get this going in America! :-)

8. Show Some Straps

Who else has the issue of tank tops and straps... And bandeaus falling down every five minutes..? Instead of hiding your straps, get what is called "a strappy bralette." They feature decorative straps to be seen while in the tank top, and it looks great. No more bandeaus!! *Sigh of relief*

9. Colors of Spring

Two color schemes have been sticking out to me for spring... Navy blue with red, and a yellow-green with a light gray, and possibly some black. Wear these colors, and boom. You're a trendsetter! Sit back and watch it catch on.

10. Pull Out the Pink

Bright, vibrant, yet classy lip color is this season's makeup craze. My favorite color? A powerful pink. I would highly suggest MAC lipsticks, because they are non-sticky and functional. 


Next time you wake with the sun, to hear bird's chirping, remember these trends and styles to rock this spring. Thanks for reading!!