The Friday Five: Almost Done

What a crazy week. But good news.. It's finally Friday!!!! Our district is still in school for another week, but even if you're out of school, here are some tips to help survive the rest of the year while preparing for a summer to remember.

1. Movie Time!!!

With so many finals ahead, you need some  but time to de-stress. Gather your friends, and go see Pitch Perfect 2. Some of my friends and I saw it this past weekend, and it is the best. I was laughing the whole time, and that's not an exaggeration! Definitely a classic.

2. Feel Good with Exams

I hate to say it, but to feel your best with the tests ahead, studying should be in the picture. But remember, don't making your studying pointless, it's a waste of your time! If you set aside time to study, use it well. I suggest making flashcards, or taking notes to get the concepts in your head. Whatever the case, you probably won't regret it during the test!

P.S. I feel your ultimate best, make sure to drink plenty of water! 

3. Rearrange

Revive your life with a little room de-clustering and rearranging. Start fresh! Grab a trash bag and get rid of all the things you no longer need in your space. Organize your baskets, bins, and everything in between. 

Want a real challenge? Go through your closet. Make piles of clothing you're keeping, you're putting away for winter, you're donating, and clothes that just cannot be saved (aka trashing it!!). Once you have your piles, arrange them in you closet. Do so in a way that best suits your routine. Your favorite T's? Put them in an easy to reach place, along with all your other summer essentials. 

One of my personal favorite ideas is to get a jewelery dish. I have so many bracelets, but I only wear around 10 of them. Grab a dish and put your bracelets, earrings, etc on them for a cute display and easy access! This simple room refresher will leave you feeling accomplished and ready for summer.

4. Quotes to Motivate 

These quotes are some of my favorites...


5. Go Do

A goal for me this summer is to put my phone down. I find myself on it so much, and I just want to stop the Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest (Okay, maybe not the Pinterest) and live. If you're feeling up to it, go put your phone down and simply go do.


Thank you for reading, and good luck to anyone with upcoming finals!! 💜