The Friday Five: Bringing it Back

Hello! After a long summer, it's officially time to bring back the BH Blog, and what's better to start off the blog than with a Friday Five featuring this week's best?

1. Fall Florals 


This is my friend Hannah Hetrick, aka one of the coolest people you'll ever meet. Her whole family has a distinct vibe that can make anyone feel cool. As soon as I saw her in this outfit, she heard, "can I take a picture for my blog?!?" Her florals were up-to-the-minute and totally chic, especially with her use of the yellow sweater! And the Birkenstocks... Love them!  

Side Note: My pair of Birks that I bought this summer definitely makes my list of favorite shoes, I absolutely love them. Once you buy a pair, it's like you're part of one big Birkenstock family that obsess over each other's sandals.

2. The Beachy Bedhead


Introducing the new hairstyle of fall, mixing the natural look of beachy waves (who says summer hair has to end?!) and casualness of the bedhead look.  To sport this style, braid your hair into two French or Dutch braids, and sleep on it. This can be done on wet or dry hair, depending on how fast your hair dries, I usually braid my hair once it's around 70% dry. In the morning, take out your braids and grab a hair wand! Curl the front pieces of your hair away from your face, and then do the same to around 5 pieces in the side and back of your head. When I do this, my wand is heated to around 380 degrees, and I curl each piece for about 8 seconds. Try this for yourself and love it!! 


3.  Peach Cobbler For Days



My favorite dessert for fall is, no surprise, peach cobbler! My mom has a secret recipe that's too good for words, It's super easy though, and delish to the max! Try it à la mode for the best results. 😉 Many peach cobbler recipes can be found online! Take one, experiment, and make it your own. Now you have a secret recipe!! :-)


4. Jeans 'n Buttons


This is my friend Morgan, and just like Hannah she has a quality that makes her... well... her!! That is her humor. Always count on her for a laugh, whether she says something funny or you just look at her! (Haha kidding Morgan!!) I certainly did smile, though, at her outfit above! Talk about BH blog style! Ripped jeans are still in, and honestly I hope they never swing out of style. And we can't forget the loose button down shirt! I totally adore! 

5. Art Project... Check!

For my final Friday Five, I thought I'd share a pic of my art project with everyone! This project requirement was a still life with a story. I wanted a beachy theme, so I went with a vintage Coke bottle, shells, seagulls, and more! We also could choose any medium, and people say you can't draw with mechanical pencil. I wanted to test that! So below is my beachy still life drawn entirely with mechanical pencil! 😄


"Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody." -Kid President

Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous weekend 😘

Hollis 😎