Back-To-School Trends

         I hate to say it, but school is almost here. With school comes hard work, homework, and (my favorite) new fashion trends. Every school year brings along new styles to rock for nine months, and By Hollis can help you find them. 

1. Flannels 

       In my opinion, flannels have always been in style. They're the perfect way to finish off a cute tank top, or add some color to a bland ensemble. But don't take the buttoned up cliché route, mix it up a bit! Tie your flannel around your waist for a stylish alternative. Or, simply unbutton your flannel and wear your favorite tank top underneath! You could also tie your flannel in a knot at the bottom, while still letting your tank top peak out of the top. There are so many combinations and ideas, and you HAVE to try them. Don't just wear a flannel, own it! :)

2. Gladiator Sandals 

       Looking for the perfect sandal to complete your new dress? Or to create a statement for your new shorts and top? You've been looking for a nice pair of gladiator sandals. They're almost like winter boots.. For fall! You can find gladiator sandals all over and they'll be huge in the spring! So be trendy and get a pair now :)

3. Confidence 


       Even though this isn't a physical trend, it's definitely in. Having confidence is key to looking and feeling your best. First step... Don't slouch. You want to look approachable, and slouching will only drive away people wanting to start a conversation. Next, look people in the eye. When you're having a discussion, looking at the ground doesn't make you look confident. The final step to confidence is to smile. And what goes better with a smile than a smile shirt? Now, I know you can't suddenly gain a lot of confidence in a second. But that doesn't mean you can't act like you have boat loads of confidence. If you pretend you have a ton of confidence, you will develop it. 

4. Natural Toned Makeup 


       Ditch the bright colors and crazy shades, go for the natural look! Go with black mascara (my favorite mascara is Cover Girl Clump Crusher!! ) and add some natural gold or light brown eye shadow. Add some sparkle for a great accent! I also suggest adding some light eye shadow (white or shimmer) to the inside corners of your eye lids, it's proven to make you look more active and awake! I personally don't like foundation or powder, but if you wear it, don't overload! Try not wearing any at all even, being natural is great! Go with a sheer or extremely light pink gloss for your lips. My favorite is gloss from Pure Illumination. They make their products out of pure lanolin, which can repair damaged lips! It works great, and looks great! It's perfect for completing a natural look.

5. Accessorized Backpacks

      Lets say you bought this cute, solid colored backpack, and you want to add something special to it. Why not add some iron-ons and key chains? I've been seeing more and more of this style, and I'm learning to love it. Stores are starting to sell creative iron-on badges that have cool designs on them, but what can you do with them? Try ironing them onto your backpack. They add style and personality to your bag, but you're not done there. Now, get some stylish key chains to finish it off. The final product will be a chic backpack with some personality. 


6. Flowy Shorts, Pants, and More

      Flowy shorts were so in for summer! With the cute floral prints, flowy shorts were the ultimate summer trend. Carrying that look into fall, you can convert those flowy shorts into flowy pants! I have a pair of flowy pants, and I love them. They have a design on them, so I can finish off the look with a solid color shirt or sweater. If you're feeling super trendy, get a jump suit! Jump suits are getting more and more attention, and they have that flowy look you want. 

7. Plaid Skirts

       I love the preppy look of a plaid skirt. My favorite is red plaid, finished off with a By Hollis graphic tee and jean vest hoodie! Plaid skirts can go with any white graphic shirt, in my opinion. And this fall, plaid skirts will be the latest craze. Skater skirt style in plaid is super cute, definitely one of my favorites! So keep an eye out for plaid... :)

8. Jewelry  

       When you feel your outfit is flavorless, always remember to accessorize! Right now, I'm really into the look of multiple rings on your hands. Especially mid finger rings! And bracelets are always in, if you ask me! Take a By Hollis tribal bracelet and pair it with some cute rings and a necklace. And watch out for leather jewelry this fall.. It may be taking its turn in the spotlight! 

9. Headbands 

        Headbands have always been somewhat in, right? Well, wearing it in your hair at least. Switch it up and wear it across your forehead. This trend has always been in and out, but this fall you'll be seeing more and more of it. You could rock a beaded headband, or a fabric headband. What ever the case, headbands worn across the forehead are the perfect way to spice up a cute dress, romper, etc. 



10. Jean Vest Hoodies 

        Jean vest hoodies. You may have no clue what they look like, because they're not well known... Yet. Imagine a jean vest, add hoodie fabric sleeves and a hood. Voila, jean vest hoodie. They're great to throw over a By Hollis tank or shirt, and they're functional. They are warm for fall and winter, and they have a hood! I suggest getting one, because they'll be the next big trend this fall. 

       Back-to-School is a time to make a change, to be who you want to be. Use By Hollis back-to-school trends to do so. Anyways, would you rather be a follower or a leader? Lead the school by starting these trends, and before you know it, you won't be alone. 

Thanks for reading!

-Hollis :)